Agency Growth Stories: Uncommon Creative Studio

Do you want to know how to scale you company beyond 20 people, hire great employees that will support your growth and avoid financial mistakes when you grow internationally? Find out answers to these and many more questions we discussed during Agency Growth Series πŸ”₯

In third episode, Natalie Graeme, Co-Founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, shares the studio's unique business model that allows them to work with startups and how to use the power of creativity to address world issues. She also covers the challenges of scaling a creative agency and how to understand your team's abilities and aspirations. 

Watch the full interview or read the highlights below: πŸ‘‡

5 insights from Natalie on how to use the power of creativity to address world issues and scale a creative agency. πŸ‘‡

1. 🌟 In the early stages of forming a startup, having a clear reason and understanding why you are building the company is crucial. Defining frustrations and being clear about your intentions can help shape the direction of the company.

2. πŸ’› Focus on aligning your agency's positioning around working with clients in moments of change, recognise your unique place in the world, and aim to make a positive impact through your work. Have a clear purpose and mission that guides the agency's direction.

3. 🀝 Choose the clients and talent carefully to ensure alignment with your values and goals. By being selective in partnerships and projects, you can make a meaningful impact and building strong, long-lasting relationships.

4. πŸ€” Be open. The journey of starting and growing an agency involves challenges and continuous learning. Be open to seeking advice, asking questions, and learning from industry experts to navigate the complexities of starting a company. It's important to be adaptable, willing to evolve, and stay true to the agency's core values.

5. πŸ’¬ Word of mouth and client recommendations are often relied upon for business development. However, initiatives such as creating PR campaigns or investing in a marketing strategy can help build your agency's brand and attract potential clients.

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