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      These guys do fantastic work to bring together people from all around the world, who are passionate about design, design thinking and service design, to expand their horizons and inspire them. Recommended!

      Marina Fokina

      Design Thinking Director at Sberbank

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      Branding Now

      3 - 24 June 2021

      The ultimate Brand Strategy and Design Course for Creative Directors

      Social Media Marketing

      Online & Self-Paced

      A series of masterclasses for Content Creators and Strategists who want to grow brands on social media and adapt your content strategy on the ever-changing platforms. From Instagram to Twitter and Tiktok – learn practical tools and strategies from Twitter, Social Media Agencies and influencers.

      Executive programme for design leaders

      19 July 2021 - 24 June 2022

      Finally, a business programme for design leaders. Learn about finance, operations, management and entrepreneurship

      Trendspotting and strategic foresight

      Self-Paced – Available now

      A practical course for business leaders, innovation professionals and business owners that shows how you can work with trends and futures in a strategic way. Learn how you can stay well ahead of your competition and win in your business category using trends and foresight.

      Branding Masterclasses

      Online and Self-Paced

      A series of Branding Masterclasses programme specially created for experienced branding professionals, creative and design directors. From fresh approaches to brand strategy to building a B Corp design agency – you will learn tools, frameworks and fresh case studies from the leading creative directors in London.

      Creative Business Masterclasses

      Online and Self-Paced

      A series of Creative Business Masterclasses specially created for agency owners, studio founders and creative entrepreneurs who want to get insights on running and scaling a design business.

      UX Research ✹ LIVE ✹

      13-15 April, 2021

      A 3-day online programme for Researchers, Heads of Design and Product Managers diving deeper into different research approaches – from Atomic Research to structuring ResearchOps and building insight-driven culture.

      Innovation Masterclasses

      Online and Self-Paced

      Introduction to innovation masterclass series specially created for designers and business leaders who are constantly looking for new approaches, tools and fresh case studies.

      Build your fashion empire

      Self-Paced – Available now

      A practical course for Fashion Designers who are ready to take their collection to the next level and build an internationally recognisable brand. Learn the business side of fashion, understand how to get your collection into Vogue, be part of New York Fashion Week and sell your brand online.

      Future of branding week

      July 06-09, 2021

      From Brand Strategy to Sonic Branding – explore how leading brands are disrupting the industry using new channels and evolving technologies. Discover the most innovative approaches to brand strategy from the world-class creative and advertising agencies.

      Design Thinking & innovation Week

      August 17-20, 2021

      An immersive programme for creative entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business owners – introducing you to London's most innovative businesses and uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.

      Building a brand language

      Self-Paced – Available now

      Unlock the power of language for your brand. From Naming to Tone of Voice, this practical course will give you the confidence and know-how to develop clear, consistent and recognisable brand language.

      Product Design Week

      24-27 August 2021

      Create experiences that people will fall in love with. Get inspiration for your current projects and advice on how to build a design team of your dreams. Find out the secrets of what makes products successful and what mistakes companies made when they were building new services.

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