Brand Identity for UX Course

What is the future of UX and Digital design? And which skills do you need to fit into this future and be not just an amazing UX Designer, but to lead teams, scale design operations and, potentially, make the world a better place?

Executive School For Creatives, Future London Academy addresses the uncertainty of the future of UX with its new identity for ‘UX & Digital Design’, the ultimate collection of Masterclasses on UX Strategy, Design Process, Innovation, AR, VR, VUI and Digital Sustainability.  

The dynamic identity represents the ever evolving UX industry. It is built around the rounded rectangle — a simple and straight-forward metaphor of a screen. This shape changes proportions, multiplies and fills the space just like the screens do in real life. The elements can be easily scaled to any screen size, which makes it easy to use. Futuristic colour palette — black and white with splashes of blue-to-purple gradient — enhances the digital-feel look. Small perks like the code panel aesthetic, illustrative icons and punchy quotes from the masterclasses make the visual language more diverse and in depth.

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