Visual Identity for Branding Now Course

To build a brand that stands out and win awards, in a world where everything has already been created can be challenging. It requires developing a powerful strategy, story and visual identity. The brand development process needs to be well-structured and the design team — well-led. 

This challenging process has been highlighted by a new identity by our design team for our Branding Now course — the ultimate course on Brand Design and Strategy for Senior Creatives. Curated by Campbell and Robyn Butler, Co-founders of Brisbane-based, Lovework Studio. Together they have over 18 years of experience in Brand Design and Strategy, working at legendary agencies such as Wolff Olins and Design Studio.

Our design team created a system that is dynamic and adaptive. It is built around a multilayered system, where the layers overlap, reorganise and change positions. Strong icons depicting a Book, Heart and Hexagon stand for Story, Symbol and System. These three design and strategy pillars summarise what is needed to build brands that stand out from the competition. Initially, they were a quick sketch Campbell created during one of the first sessions to explain the idea of the course. We loved the icons so it was decided to build a design system around them. 

The typography and layouts are inspired by Swiss School Design — bold and simple they reflect the functionality and structure that are behind any powerful brand work. The strong lines created by typography allow to keep the layouts clean but eye-catching.

For the merch designs, punchy quotes from the curators were used to remind us that to experiment and sketch ideas away from the computer. Not only is it an essential part of the brand development process, but that great ideas come from being human. 

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