London Travel Tips

London Travel Tips 

For those coming to one of our programmes or just visiting London, here are some quick tips that will make your trip run smoothly.

Travel Cards 

You can use Apply Pay or a contactless Credit Card for any mode of public transport in London, simply by tapping it as you enter and exit (except for on buses – only tap on entry otherwise you’ll be charged twice).

Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-paid Travel Card (called an Oyster card). Depositing £30 onto the card will get you covered for the week. If you run out of credit you can easily top it up at any station.

Travel Plugs 

Remember to bring a plug adapter for a 3-pin socket with you.


You don’t need your laptop for any of the sessions. Though some people find it useful for taking notes.


You can get a UK SIM card in any convenience store. GiffGaff network usually has the best deals.

Tap Water 

Tap water is drinkable.


The weather in London can be very temperamental so always check the weather forecast before you pack. And have layers with you, as evenings can be much colder than how it feels during the day.


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