Future of Branding Week – a Curators Point of View

Glenn Garriock, co-founder of FormFiftyFive and Made by Folk shares a curators point of view and gives the low down on what Future of Branding Week 2018 was like.

"It’s an incredible experience that I’m very proud to be a part of... I can't recommend it highly enough!"

The talks and workshop sessions are interactive, delegates have the chance to ask any questions in an informal atmosphere. 

We sat down with Dines, Co-Founder at Studio Blup to talk about how they design for millennials, their social media habits, how to grab their attention and the work he has done with clients such as Nike and Adidas.

"When we didn't have a style, we were trying to blend in we were getting awful work... we decided to stick to our style and approach the work that we wanted. If we didn't have a style we wouldn't have stuck out."

Check out the interview with Future of Branding Week 2018 speaker below.


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