3 Key Insights - Design Thinking & Innovation Week 2019

In honour of our upcoming Design Thinking and Innovation Week in March, we thought we would take the opportunity and look back at last year’s event. Particularly interesting is the insight report, where you can get tips and tricks from the world’s top businesses. Today, we’re sharing the Top 3 insights from the previous year’s report to get you inspired ahead of our upcoming March event.

First is one of the most fundamental principles if you want to not only support innovation, but encourage it. No matter how great your processes are and how visionary your CEO is, if the culture of the company doesn’t support brave ideas, innovation won’t happen. 

To create a culture that helps innovation thrive, you need to consider a variety of factors, including the people you hire, your own mindset and the space you all work in.

Next up, I wanted to share Livework’s vision for measuring the impact of design. By following three simple steps: listen, analyse, act.

By listening to your audience, you not only built a connection and trust, you also get valuable feedback. The next step is analysing the responses you have gotten and how this data is connected to business metrics. Lastly, with this new found market knowledge, you can create an action-plan and ensure your business will strive.

Last but not least, Facebook shared some interesting behind-the-scene processes for designing. Instead of merely having one approach to design effectively, Facebook has three to suit whatever type of project they have in front of them.

Their first method is a type of workshop where the aim is to collaboratively generate executions to a predetermined solution.

The second method is called Pathfinding, which is a multi-week, multi-team effort to dig deep into complex problems, emerging trends or new product areas.

The last method is the Sprints. Here, the aim is to generate new ideas and solutions to a well-defined problem.

If this has made you curious, check out the full report here!

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