From Creative Director to Chief Creative Officer: Mejuri

Are you a Creative Director who wants to grow to a Chief Creative Officer role? Are you curious about how to become one, which skills you need and which mistakes to avoid? Find out answers to these and many more questions we discussed during our Design Leadership series.

In the first episode, Justine Lançon shared how she helped to create a memorable brand strategy for jewellery brand Mejuri and built its design team from scratch. She also talked about why Creative Ops are so important, what the three main skills are that one needs to become a Chief Creative Officer and what business metrics you need to learn when becoming a Chief Creative Officer. Read interviews below:

4 key skills a creative should have to reach the Chief Creative Officer position:

1. 🎯 Consistency. Keep the objective of what you want to do and what you want to build. Don't jump around: define what your main focus is and be disciplined.

2. 💛 Self-awareness. It goes with listening to your team and being empathetic. It's not only about you anymore. It's about the company and the team. Put them first and yourself in the background.

3. 📈 Alignment. Aligning creative vision with business objectives is crucial. Demonstrating how design impacts the bottom line and drives brand differentiation is key to gaining buy-in at all levels of an organization.

4. 🤩 Curiosity. Keep the growth mindset. Never stop learning and developing. Even when you are at the C-level it's not the end of the journey!

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