30 ultimate leadership lessons

We all have things we wish we knew earlier in our career. To help us all with our leadership journeys, we asked our global Design Leaders cohort to share the best leadership advice they've been given. Here is what they said.👇

"Know what you stand for. Understand what your core values are and why you're going into a fight for what you're fighting for."

"Take your team on the journey with you. Share where you've made mistakes, share what you've done really well – then people will be more excited about your successes, and understand the failures better."

"Lead from where you are and who you are. When I first started, I thought there was one way to lead. I learnt later that you can use the skills and perspective that you have and lead from that, and you don't have to be a specific kind of person or have a specific personality type in order to lead."

Let us know what was your favourite lesson! 💛

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